About Us

I believe Inspired Ideas are all around us!  I believe anyone can have an Inspired Idea and I believe they come in all shapes and sizes.  Inspired Ideas can be as simple as a little widget used to tie your shoes all the way to a new energy source that may one day change our entire world.

The sad part is, that very few know what to do with their Inspired Ideas... and worse, there are tons of crooked people trying to take advantage of these inexperienced inventors.  11 years ago, I learned this lesson the hard way as a company lured my brother and I to spend over $7,000 on an idea we thought would change the world.

Our goal now is to bridge the gap between manufactures and inventors!  For manufacturers, we will help them find the next big product or even help them build, test and perfect some of their own ideas.  For inventors, we will help guide them in the right direction so they can avoid some of the mistakes we made in the past.  If we like an inventors idea, we may even work hand-in-hand with them to perfect the idea and pitch it to some of our partner manufactures.

If you have an Inspired Idea or are looking for an awesome new product to add to your line... then we are the place for you!!